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PODOIL FLEXI. offers reliable packaging products e.g. Flexitank, Dry Bulk Liner, Collapsible IBC etc. for non-hazardous bulk liquid and dry bulk commodities shipment. More than a decade we have been committed to promoting Containerized Transportation for bulk fluid, which specially refers non-hazardous liquid and free-flowing
dry bulk powder or granules, so as to increase the logistics efficiency with efficient and economic packaging products and automatic bulk handling equipment. With continuous innovation, research and development,PODOIL FLEXI now is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of flexitanks and container liners. Every year, more than 6 billion liters liquid are packed and transported with PODOIL flexitanks, and around 2 billion kilograms of powder and granules are shipped with PODOIL
FLEXI container liners.




Development History



Started flexitank production
Obtained ISO9001 certification
Became COA (Container Owners Association) member



Passed COA railway impact test
Approved by main shipping lines
New factory with production capacity of 300,000 flexitanks /year was put into use.



 Became Region “National High-tech Enterpris
Passed US AAR & Russia Railway impact test
Start container liner production
Obtained FSSC22000 certification
Became one of the five permanent directors of COA Flexitank Management Group



Set up Malaysia, Xinjiang, SITC- subsidiaries
Participated in the draft of international industry standards for Flexitank
Obtained qualification of COAFQML
Built the Karamay North Container Yard in China
Identified as “Enterprise Technology Center of Shandong





To build the world’s largest and most advanced factory for bulk fluid logistics packaging
To build and improve upstream and downstream service
To build bulk fluid logistics tracking information system



Core Qualification

  • Certified by China CRCC
  • Certified by Russian railway authority
  • Certified by American rail roads
  • Certified by Ukraine railway
  • Obtained FSSC22000 certification
  • Complied with FDA and EU food safety regulations

Industry Qualification

  • 1 of the 5 permanent directors for COA FMC (Flexitank Management Group)
  • The only Chinese enterprise in the industry to participate in the draft COA PAS1008:2016 ( Int’l flexitank standard)
  • The only enterprise in the industry to participate in the drafting of China National Flexitank Standard
  • Obtained ISO 14001 Environment Quality Management System certification


Flexitank is a new type of flexible packaging container that can store and transport various non-dangerous liquid cargoes. Each container can be just placed in a 20ft international standard container with a volume of 14-25 cubic meters, and can store and transport up to 25,000 liters of liquid. In this way, the container transportation method is ideally used. It is suitable for rail, motor, and ship transportation. To a certain extent, it can replace traditional packaging such as expensive tanks and iron drums, which can greatly reduce the costs of loading & discharging, packaging, transporting and material management, and improve logistics efficiency.




Industries and Enterprises Served


Non-Hazard Liquid

Industrial Grease

Chemical powder and granule

Container Liner

Container liner is usually placed in a 20ft or 40ft container, which can load and transport large-tonnage granules and powder logistics.
Compared with transportation mode of 50/100/1000 liter small package, containerized transportation is easy to load and discharge with low
labor costs and no secondary pollution to cargo, which can maximally save the time and cost of motor-ship transshipment.




CNPC Lubricant Oil Shipment with Flexitank




Dry Bulk Liner Advantages


Save labor cost Improve efficiency


Save the packing cost


Maximize the loading capacity


. Negligible cargo loss during transit


. Negligible cargo loss during transit


No dust pollution, good for employee health




PVC Transport with Dry Bulk Container Liner

Collapsible Paper IBC

At present, in transportation for bulk liquid, solid, granule, powder cargoes, they are generally packed with wood box, metal box and containers. These containers have heavy weight and high cost, which are difficult to assemble and recycle, and occupy large storage space. Collapsible paper IBC can replace the above-mentioned traditional packaging modes. It has light weight, and is environmental friendly and easily to recycle. It is also collapsible during transportation or storage. Application

It’s recommended for international non-hazardous liquid cargo transport with container(s), with a volume within 100 MT per shipment with container(s), either via rail or via sea

Collapsible Paper IBC Advantages

One 20ft container can load 20 filled IBCs (total payload around 20MT), and it can load 80 units 200L drums (total payload around 16MT). Take one 20ft container as one unit, with Paper IBCs it can load 4MT more than with drums, which is to say that one 20ft container, its payload can increase 20% – 25% by changing drums into Paper IBC, can save logistics cost remarkably.
Empty paper IBC is collapsible, takes small volume during storage and delivery, saving warehousing and delivery cost.
Easy to install to install, load, unload the IBC, no need to adjust equipment, no need to train operators specially.
The paper IBC box is strong and durable, it can bear 8000kg maximally with 3layers stacking.
Environment- friendly
Paper material is 100% recyclable, free from pollution to environment.

IBC liner is suitable for storage and transportation of food and non-hazardous liquid chemicals. It can be used with a variety of intermediate bulk containers, such as collapsible cartons, collapsible plastic boxes, iron drums, metal containers. To meet the needs of customers, we can provide customized IBC liners.



IBC Liner

Capital invesment

Less capital investment in collapsible IBC rent, can reduce packaging positioning cost, optimize cash flow in supply chain. By renting collapsible IBC, company can get sufficient supply in peak season, and less idle equipment in offseason.

Warehousing cost

Collapsible IBC, after folded, is small in size, can save warehousing space and cost obviously

Delivery and distribution cost

Collapsible IBC, after folded, is small in size, can save delivery and distribution cost significantly

Clean and disposal cost

Expensive cleaning cost is charged for used rigid plastic IBC, but the Collapsible IBC just need to change the inner liner, no cleaning is needed.

Liner Advantages




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